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X-Treme Performance UPF50 Hooded Shirt

X-Treme Performance UPF50 Hooded Shirt

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If you enjoy staying cool, dry, while being in style on the water then this is for you. This is our all new UPF 50 long sleeve hooded shirt. This shirt is 100% lightweight microfiber polyester featuring a tuned moisture management system. Team that up with the wrinkle free and antimicrobial fabric and a tear away label you’re simply not going to be more comfortable than in this shirt.

When it comes to sizing you’re going to want to play the game like you do with all of your polyester products like this. This material is built and designed to allow maximum airflow with maximum sun protection. That being said make sure you’re not aiming for a tight fit but more so something a little bit looser. For example, if you traditionally wear a large in cotton or polyester and you like it to be fitted to your skin you’re going to want to step up to an XL in this sizing. This allows for maximum air flow and great protection from the sun with awesome maneuverability on those hooks sets. However, if you like it to have that fit tight to your skin it is true to size but you will definitely lose out on that airflow cooling technology.

By purchasing with HARDWATER  FREAKS LLC you are supporting us in our mission in getting veterans and kids in the great outdoors. Thank you!

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