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UPF Face Shields

UPF Face Shields

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💯Introducing our UPF Face Shield, your ultimate defense against the harsh elements! ☀️ Designed for sun protection, this shield offers unbeatable UV protection to keep your face safe during extended outdoor activities.

🌞 Whether you're fishing, boating at high speeds, or cruising on your motorcycle, our face shield keeps bugs and debris at bay while ensuring maximum comfort.

🚤 Each order includes a bonus decal! 🎁 Don't let the elements hold you back – gear up with our UPF Face Shield today!

🇺🇸 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our customers for supporting our small, local, veteran-owned business. Your patronage not only helps sustain us but also fuels our mission to advance outdoor experiences for veterans and children alike.

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