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Midwest Waterfowl Flyway Hat

Midwest Waterfowl Flyway Hat

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Here you will find our specialty release trucker hat in support of our mission with kids through Midwest Waterfowl Flyway. This just so happens to be a waterfowling group on Facebook that we started for fun and it slowly became something so it’s time that we start to utilize that platform for the better good of the next generation. Proceeds from the purchase of this trucker hat will go towards kids gift cards via the waterfowl community.

The hat itself is a custom 100% leather patch laser engraved with our MWF logo. The back two panels of the hat are breathable, while the front two are VEIL camo. The hat is fully adjustable to fit most sizes. 

By purchasing with HARDWATER FREAKS you are assisting us in fueling our mission with veterans and kids in the great outdoors.

Thank you.

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