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Mad Ghost Coin

Mad Ghost Coin

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Well gents, IT’S FINALLY HEREEEE!!!!!!

After a long awaited artwork re-design, and commitment to several hundred coins, we finally have them and they’re ready for you! 

This coin we did a face swap and re-design on. With the dissolving of the 24th Marines Regiment and consolidation of such into the 23rd Marines we are the end of this line of the Mad Ghosts of 2/24. I will not let that legacy die of what and who we are as brothers and sisters of what was once an amazing breed of Devil Dog. 

I have kept the original face of the EGA and unit information on one face, while completely remodeling the opposing face. The main face plate is none other than our own MAD GHOST. Countering the top risers you will find the text “TEUFEL HUNDEN” while countering the bottom risers you will find the text “MAD GHOST.” Centered bottom side you will find “NEVER FORGET” to cater to the history and legacy of the Mad Ghost but also to the Marines we lost. Lastly, you will find that the entire edging of the coin has been wrapped with the initials of all 16 Marines lost in combat operations 04-05, and 07-08. 

Don’t forget that I will be cutting a nice check from these coins to a veterans non-profit on behalf of the Fallen Ghosts of 2/24. Every order also comes with a 5” Mad Ghost auto/window decal. 

I can’t thank you guys enough for leaving this mission in my hands and trusting me to make this happen. 

Each order is 1 coin. 

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