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Mad Ghost Casings Shirt

Mad Ghost Casings Shirt

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REMINDER: There are only a select few on hand right now. The vast majority of orders will be fulfilled within 3 weeks. 

Over the last two months I have been in the interest and re-design of a new logo for the future legacy of the Mad Ghost. We have been using the traditional logo which bears the information of 2nd Battalion 24th Marines a crossed along with the 4th MadDiv patch. Being that 2/24 is slowly in dispansion and absorption by another unit I figured it was time to make another piece of artwork that took the traditional logo and added in the 16 fall Marines who once wore the name Mad Ghost proud.

As you will see the front of the shirt still has the traditional Mad ghost logo 4 inches wide, the sleeve still has the American flag, and the back now has a new redesign the logo which took parts of the traditional logo but then added in a couple of new features. You will see that the word Mad Ghost is no longer plural as the ghost standing tall on the back of the shirt is singular Mad Ghost representing you the living legacy. You will also find 16 shell casings representing all 16 of the 2/24 fallen Marines.

Don’t worry I will not be getting rid of the current memorial shirts that we offer with all of the names on the back of the shirt with the traditional logo on the front. I promise you that.

As always a large portion of the profits from the shirts goes goes towards donating to a veterans nonprofit that has emphasis in getting veterans and their families outdoors.

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