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HWF Full Zip Hoodie

HWF Full Zip Hoodie

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We bring to you an all new release from the FREAK NATION. We’ve never gone this route, but with the increase of individuals with mobility issues or age, this request has been huge and we always listen to what you guys want.

A HWF Full Zip Hoodie brings a multitude of benefits to the every day outdoorsman such as:

1. Versatility: Full zip hoodies allow for easy temperature regulation, making them suitable for various weather conditions.
2. Convenience: The zipper provides quick on-and-off functionality, saving time compared to pullover styles.
3. Layering: Ideal for layering in colder climates, offering flexibility in adjusting warmth.
4. Style: Full zip hoodies often provide a more casual and contemporary look, suitable for a range of outfits.
5. Customization: The zippered front allows for unique designs and graphics, enhancing personal style.
6. Accessibility: Easier to put on and take off, making them accessible for a broader range of individuals.
7. Ventilation: Easily unzip for better airflow during physical activities or warmer weather.
8. Fashion Trends: Full zip hoodies are a popular choice in modern fashion, ensuring a stylish and on-trend appearance.

📝Please make sure to hang dry after wash as we wouldn’t want the top tier ink to be weathered faster than normal. 

🙏Thank you for shopping with HWF and supporting a veteran owned small business who takes pride in assisting veterans and kids in the outdoors. 

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