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🔥Having the best ice fishing jigs is essential because they optimize your chances of attracting and enticing fish beneath the ice. Quality jigs imitate the natural movement of prey, increasing your overall success in catching fish during the unique conditions of ice fishing. This is where Widow Maker Lures at the top of the industry. Some would say, “it’s the cream of the crop.” 

🤷🏼‍♂️I’d  like to think it isn’t almost daily that I get asked about “which jigs do you recommend from Widow Maker Lures.” It always seems to be about wanting 12 of the “go to” jigs that I’d suggest. Well, we have a solution. 

💯In this bundle you are going to to find all of our favorite jigs. You’re going to see scud missiles, tungsten caddis canes, lucky ladies, tungsten flies, shrimps, scud missile,  droplets and my number one favorite THE DRAGON FLY. Sure there are others and I jump around a lot, but 9 out of 10 times these are my gems. 

🙏Thank you for supporting our small business and assisting us in getting veterans and kids into the outdoors.

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