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Defund Open Water Series

Defund Open Water Series

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This is one of our all new releases in 2023. As we’ve all seen over the last couple of years the word “DEFUND” has become quite relevant in today’s society. We ask that you look at this item as a form of humor and as an item that has no political affiliation or motive. All offensiveness aside let’s have some fun.  While most people have been taking this word offensively and pretty seriously we decided to have a little bit of fun. The shirt officially announces our new campaign with defunding open water to bring back HARDWATER with the hopes that we can ultimately have HARDWATER here on the ICE BELT for 365 days.

For right now this shirt has limited stock as a filler to see what we should do next but trust me we are going to keep this one around.

By purchasing with HARDWATER FREAKS LLC you are assisting us in fueling our mission to support veterans and kids in the great outdoors.

Thank you

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